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Elektrijalgratas Ecobike Even 20" white

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Kauba ID: ECO22038
Hind: 1 089,00 € 1089 1 229,00 €

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Hind: 1 089,00 € 1089 1 229,00 €
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Ecobike is one of the first e-bike manufacturers in Europe. This means company has a many years of experience in electric bikes manufacturing and it can offer an ideal price vs quality ratio. World-class components assembled carefully with love for bicycles in Poland. All these advantages gained trust across the entire European continent.Ecobike Even White is a folding bike with 250W electric motor. To get the best driving stability, we placed the engine in the rear hub. The bike accelerates to 25km/h, and the modern controller makes it run smoothly and does not tug. Batteries produced on Greenway (10.4Ah) and LG (13Ah) cells allow you to reach up to 80 km or 110 km of maximum range! The batteries are located behind the seat tube vertically, which makes them very easy to remove. There is an LCD display on the bicycle handlebar. It enables configuring the assistance and controlling various data, such as kilometers traveled or the battery level.

Capacity and range (Can be selected when ordering. If desired option is not shown, it may be sold out). IMPORTANT: distance is not MINIMUM-MAXIMUM range! Both values, for example 60-110km, are maximum distance depending on selected assist mode: [POWER]-[ECO] km. There is no minimum distance!, because it depends on many different factors. More info rattakell
10.4Ah: 50-80 km (MAX POWER - MAX ECO)
13Ah: 60-110 km (MAX POWER - MAX ECO)
Voltage: 36 V
Mount: rear wheel hub
Motor assisted speed: max. 25 km/h
Torque: 45 Nm
Motor's brand: BAFANG
Power: 250 W
Maximum peak power (requires upgrade kit, which is NOT INCLUDED, upgrade on your own risk, we do not endorse it): 320 W
Computer: LISHUI SO-WZK0156
Fuses: 30 A
Lifespan: 700 charges
Charging time: 4-8 hours
Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 36 V
Charger: 220-240V/42V / 2A / D type
Cells brand: LG / Greenway
Smart BMS (Battery Managment System)
Battery can be removed for charging
CHARGING TIME: 4-8 hours

Hydroformed aluminium
RST CARVE-P-20, suspension
V-brake Promax TX117
Topwheel Solid 252AA8, teeth: 52T, crank arm length: 170 mm
Shimano Tourney 6-speed
Skilful FW-206B 6-speed 14-28T
aluminium, adjustable length
JUHTRAUA HOIDJA: FH FH03W, aluminium, foldable
Front hub: Joytech 751DSE / Rear Hub: Engine
VP F55 foldable
20", reinforced
Selle Royal Freeway
ZOOM SP-114, diameter: 27.2mm, length: 350mm
Shimano SL-RS35 Revoshift 6-speed
stainless steel, SAPIM 13G / Front wheel: 178 mm / Rear wheel: 136 mm
Schwalbe Big Apple 20 x 2.0 (50-406)
19 kg
Rear Light: Spaninga RL1900XE / Front Light: Spaninga KENDO XE


Length: 160 cm
Distance from saddle to stem: 55 cm
Height (max saddle-ground): 97 cm
Height (max handlebar-ground): 117 cm
Height (stem-ground): 104 cm
Height (seatpost clamp-ground): 76 cm
Height (frame overstep-ground): 36 cm

Maximum load: 125 kg
Battery capacity - is measured in Wh (watt hours) or Ah (amper hours) and usually correlates with the maximum distance bike can cover with a fully charged battery. More capacity - longer range.
Maximum range - Specifies the maximum route length you can travel on one full battery charge. The distance depends on the rider's weight, battery capacity, weather, terrain difficulty as well as the level of selected support mode. Please note that over the years of use - battery capacity will become lower. This is a normal chemical process of Li-Ion battery cell aging. Improper use and/or modifications may reduce the maximum range.
Bike weight - Total weight of all bicycle components - engine, battery, frame and accessories. EcoBike electric bicycles have the lowest weight-power ratio.
Engine power - The nominal power of the electric bicycle's engine, which is legal in most EU countries.
Maximum engine power - The power of the electric bicycle's engine, which can be produced without speed limiter and may require replacing some parts to handle the voltages/amperage for the desired power. Maximum engine power cannot be selected by the user without making some hardware/software modifications. Removing limiter may require to register bike as an e-moped. In such case, different road laws applied as well. Improper modifications can lead to a damage of the e-bike system and nor the seller, nor manufacturer will be responsible for any losses or injuries.
Lifespan - stated number can be lower if stored and used improperly
Maximum speed is up to 25 km/h, which can be maintained by the engine. Once speed limit is reached - engine shuts off and you have to pedal it to reach higher speeds. Engine only works while pedaling (pedal assist). Bike does not have a speed lever. Support levels are selected on the controller on handlebar.
Warranty - All EcoBike bikes have 2-year warranty for a bike frame and parts. Battery has 1-year warranty. For other warranty terms and exceptions please contact us or you can find it on our webpage.

IMPORTANT: Due to Covid-19 consequences, multiple economical and political reasons there are intense pressure on delivery chains, there is a small chance that some parts may be replaced with alternatives of equivalent value, so bicycle will be assembled with them. Those parts may have different color, model, manufacturer and so on, but manufacturer will use technically identically matching alternatives. If bicycle has some parts that does not match the description below and there is no compatibility issues – manufacturer will not replace it!

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